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Revised Internal Competition

Entry Form

Programme ~ January ~ April 2020


2nd and 9th ~ No Meeting.

9th   ~ Hand-In Date For "Street Photography" PDI entries.

16th    Comp 5 PDI Street - NOT posed Judge Dave Gibbins

23rd    Speaker 6 Stewart Wall

30th    Photo-Critique Night ~ PDI


6th     Photo editing workshop

John Dadley & Brian McCarthy lead this popular item

13th    NEMPF Disc, part 2

Also Hand-In Date For Annual Print Competition Entries

20th    Speaker ~ Derek Doar

27th    Annual Print Comp Judge Alan Tyrer


5th      Annual Print Comp Part Deux ~  Judge Alan Tyrer

12th    NEMPF Disc

19th    President's Evening ~ John Nash takes the floor

26th    Speaker ~ To Be Confirmed


2nd     AGM

9th      Fun Comp PDI ~ Winter

Also Hand-In for Natural World Print Competition

16th    Members Night ~ 3 Members Showcase Their Progress

23rd    Print Competition ~  "The Natural World"

Judge Tracey Lund

30th    AV - our attempts following Alan Tyrer's presentation last year

Future Speakers Include:~

Derek Doar

Stewart Wall,


Nigel Walker 

Watch This Space!

The programme above may be subject to late change due to circumstances beyond our control

Please contact Hon Secretary for further details  07933 384844  johumberstone at 

Information Relating To George Saville Competition

It Is Trumpet Blowing Time Again!

For The Third Year In A Row, We Have Won The LPA Battles

Diane Seddon.jpg
Mike Stringer, Phil Haith ,John Thorndike, Tinus Bojen, Brian McCarthy ,John Leslie

Hon President, John Nash, presents member Diane Seddon with a trophy for the Best Print in the LPA Battle Final.

The prints were judged by Erica Oram of Sheffield.

Mike Stringer, Phil Haith, John Thorndike, Tinus Bojen, Brian McCarthy, John Leslie

Above are images of the photographers whose work was responsible for our winning panel of prints

Images provided by Steve Mercer.

Success In LPA Battles 2018


We recently hosted our home round of the LPA Battles, Grimsby PS against Louth and RBCC. 

The judge was Erica Oram from the Sheffield area. 

Grimsby came first, followed by RBCC and then Louth. 

A great start to the season!

We also won our next two rounds, giving us automatic entry to the LPA Battles Final

I can reveal that we won the LPA Battles Final (AGAIN!! )this year!

1st Grimsby 256 points

2nd Cleethorpes 249 points

3rd Grantham 246 points

4th Deepings 245 points

5th Scunthorpe 243 points

6th Lincoln 239 points

7th Sleaford 231 points

Please check out our External Competition Page


   Grimsby Wins The Battle 2017


A team from the Grimsby Photographic Society has won Lincolnshire’s top club photography competition - for the first time.


Grimsby faced the RB Camera Club of Lincoln, Cleethorpes Camera Club, Scunthorpe Camera Club and Lincoln Camera Club in the final of the Lincolnshire Photographic Association’s annual inter-club Battles Competition.


The contest, judged by Steven Roper, Vice-Chairman of the Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society, saw Grimsby win by a dozen clear points. 


The full result: Grimsby 269, RB 257, Cleethorpes 256, Scunthorpe 255 and Lincoln 252.


GPS President David Newman said: “We’ve made it to the final on several previous occasions but this is the first time that we’ve actually lifted the cup, so we are absolutely delighted with the team’s achievement.”


 “The success is indicative of the quality of the photography we are currently seeing in the Society. We have numerous members who are achieving success at national and international level, as well as in regional competitions and exhibitions.”

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